Rapid Conceptualisation of Optimal Solutions

Who we are?

What we do?

The value we add!

Who we are?

Front End Factory is a boutique consultancy providing specialist design and project services within the manufacturing and light industrial sectors.

What we do?

Front End Factory specialises in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, drink, manufacturing and energy sectors. We provide the client with the specialist resources and tools to:

  • Optimise their existing processes and facilities

  • Develop Site Master Plans to reflect the short-term, medium-term and long-term production strategies of the business

  • Design optimal processes that improve quality, reduce product conversion cost, limit waste and improve repeatability

  • Design economic facilities that complement the process and optimise production

  • Specify and source the most optimal equipment to meet the client’s production and sustainability targets

  • Understand life cycle costing and cost benefit of any project

  • Identify possible funders and funding mechanisms

  • Develop execution and contracting strategies to reduce project risk

  • Assemble and manage the correct design team for a given project

  • Coordinate the design process effectively

  • Develop 3D process and facility software models to enhance project coordination

  • Manage multidisciplinary project teams

  • Manage contractors effectively

The value we add!

The strength of Front End Factory is our flexible, collaborative and integrated approach. By supplementing the client’s team with multi-disciplinary cross-sector specialists, we provide the client with the ultimate value in project delivery.